Friday, November 5, 2010

A Pumpkin of a Different Kind

First, I've got to tell you all that I had a fantastic interview yesterday! I came home so happy and excited about meeting with this small business owner. Today I will regain my senses and go on with my life and see what happens, but it felt so good to feel like I actually connected with a prospective employer.

I've had another busy week. I attended my second Job Seeker meeting on Monday and on Wednesday, I attended a Women Owned Business Expo hosted by the Cary Chamber of Commerce. I made more connections for future possibilities and overall, it was a worth while day.

Want to see a funny kind of pumpkin? Here she is...a stray that appeared at Laura's house a few weeks ago. Sucker that I am, I took her to the vet to have her checked out. Other than the usual worms and ear mites, she's a healthy little girl - all 7 pounds of her. She looks like a mini Maine Coon cat with round feet that have tufts of fur poking out. "Pumpkin" is so sweet and will paw at you for attention.

She looks a little mean in these pics, but that's because I just squirted meds in her ears...and you know how much cats hate that!

I've contacted a local rescue group to get her pictures and bio posted, but I guess til she finds a permanent home, I'll be fostering her. Right now, she's isolated in my bathroom, but she seems quite content in there.

I'll be helping Gail with her shop today. She's preparing for Christmas and has a ton of merchandise that needs priced and displayed. It will be nice to spend the day with her, as we don't get to see each other much these days. I'd better get going - lots to do before heading to Gail's.

Have a great day today!


StitchinByTheLake said...

Cute kitty - I used to have a Maine Coon. His name was Jackson and he lived with us for about 12 years until diabetes took him. Horrible hair shedding everywhere but very loving. :) blessings, marlene

Amy said...

Pumpkin looks so cute! Lots of hair though!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Phyllis, thanks for stopping by my corner of the world and for your kind thoughts.

Pumpkin sure doesn't look very happy but I know she must be knowing that you are taking good care of her. What do the other kitties think of the new one?

My outside kitty is named Pumpkin. Of course, I call him Munchkin most of the time. Maybe I should change it. Not that he would know the difference. He's just happy that I feed and pet him every day.

Sending all good wishes your way and standing in belief that you will find a job, just what you are looking for very very soon.

Have a great weekend. :) Tammy

Anonymous said...

She's a pretty girl!! And here's my crossed fingers for you know what!
Hugs! Diane

Laura said...

What a beauty! Did they scan her for a chip?

A New England Life said...

Isn't she sweet Phyllis. I sure wish we could adopt another kitty but 2 dogs and 2 cats is about all we can handle. Goodness knows I love them though! I wish this sweet angel a wonderful home for the holidays.

Best of luck with finding a new job. It sounds like you're getting closer! I start my new job tomorrow morning. I'm a bit nervous but it's going to be all good, I just know it.