Thursday, May 27, 2010

Catching Up

Yay! I've got my trusty computer back with all the software I need. Now I can post some pictures I've been taking for the last few weeks and haven't been able to share.

First, this one is gross but really funny. I baked a pizza in the oven for supper a while back and burned it a little. I ate what I could and put the rest out on the front porch, intending to throw it in the trash. As usual, I got busy with things and forgot about it. By the time I remembered to toss it in the trash, it was dark. What a silly sight to see all the little slugs having their very own pizza party on my porch!

I wasn't going to mess with the plate - slugs gross me out! So, I left it where it was and went on to bed. The next morning there was nothing on the plate. I don't know what critter visits at night, but it had a pizza party too...probably a racoon or possum.

Next up, look what I have in my little Japanese maple tree...a mocking bird nest complete with three sweet eggs. Aren't they pretty?!?

I've been riding my bicycle - not every day as I wanted to, but frequently and for at least 30 minutes...usually longer. I've also been taking magnesium citrate and between the two changes, am feeling better physically. I've even lost almost five pounds, which I'm very happy about! I've lost some of my appetite and just don't feel like eating. This seems to happen to me periodically and I am always glad when it does.

I've got more catching up to do with you, but need to get a few things done around here before it gets too late. I will post more tomorrow evening.