Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This week has been a strenuous one and I'm glad it's "Friday" for me. I was scheduled to work tomorrow but have an interview with a staffing agency so Gail kindly let me have the day off. I told her I could work till noon (my appointment is at 1 o'clock) but that I couldn't get all sweaty and dirty, so it was just easier to give my hours to another employee.

I've been making myself work in the yard each evening till dark to try to get some of the weeds under control and have actually made some progress, but tonight I was just too tired. Instead of working, I sat and watched my chickens scratch around and eat some corn and chase bugs. They are so funny to watch.

Then I cooked myself a nice dinner and ran the dishwasher. I really should have started some of my cleaning tonight but decided to call it quits for one day. So here I am visiting blog land. I discovered Frances' blog City Views, Country Dreams and have enjoyed reading her posts. It makes me feel like I'm actually visiting with her in New York. I like the way she writes.

I used to love to write. I used to love to do lots of things that I don't make time for anymore. I am pleased if I make time to sit at my sewing machine and play with fabric. I dearly want to get to a place where I can do more of the things I love instead of just trying to survive each day.

An elderly woman came into the store today to buy a couple of plants and was telling me how she is trying to get a friend of hers interested in gardening. She's been in several times recently and told me bits and pieces about this before. When I told her she had more patience than me, she said she didn't have anything else to do with her time. She said she was so happy being retired and by herself and that it was the happiest time for her.

I am envious.