Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Cute Critters

Hey Everybody,

We're having so much fun that I haven't made time to blog about it.

My sister, Susan, arrived Friday evening and we've been on the go a lot! Saturday I took her to the BEST quilt shop around - Thimble Pleasures - and we got lots of fabrics. On the way there, we passed a really nice garden center that happens to have a few critters living on the large property. We had to stop and pet the goats...they were so cute. And they had some beautiful swans, along with some Canada Geese (one of my favorite creatures on earth) and pretty ducks.

They had several black swans, as well as white.

I needed something at JoAnns, so we headed there next. I bought a few Halloween fabrics for something I had in mind. We were on a roll! :)

Then we went to the State Farmer's Market and bought lots of fresh produce cause you know we worked up an appetite looking at and buying all those pretty fabrics. I mean, that's really tough work - ha ha!

She was quite overwhelmed at the Market. I didn't even think to take any pictures but the produce is all gorgeous and grown locally by hard working people. We had corn on the cob, tomatoes, green beans, cantalope and grapes for supper. Who needs meat with all that!?!

Yesterday was stormy and we got some much needed rain. It was a perfect day to stay inside and sew. I was in the mood to work on something for Halloween and made a cute little wall hanging. I still need to do some embroidery and embellishing and then I'll post a picture of it.

My sister had brought several patterns for handbags with her and started on one of those. She finished it today and I'll post pictures next time.

Today we went back to Thimble Pleasures because Susan decided she wanted some fabric that I had bought Saturday. Wait till you see all the gorgeous fabrics we bought! I've already started a cute snuggly blanket for Alissa and hope to have it finished tomorrow, but by the next day for sure.

On the way home I took her to a very high class craft co-op and she took several pictures there. I'll be able to share them once she gets back home and uploads them and sends them to me.

OK friends, I need to get to bed. Tomorrow is another day of sewing and eating good food and our last one together. I hope you're having a good week as well :)