Sunday, February 14, 2010

An Award and My Special Project

Hi everybody,

What do you know - I've received a sweet award from Kas over in Australia! I've just discovered her recently and she is my kind of gal. She wants to one day start an animal sanctuary. I told her if I lived near her, I'd sure help her with it!!
Thank you Kas, for giving me this award as I really appreciate it! I can always use a little cheer these days and this definitely made me smile. :)

I'm going to have to pass this award along to Di, who always comments on my blog faitfully. She's such a character, that Di!

And the second recipient is going to be tough to choose, as there are several regular commenters. Fern is a faithful blog friend and has received quite a few awards recently. Actually she was bombarded by awards in just a couple of weeks, and now she can add this one to her list.

I would also like to share this award with another supportive commenter - Marlene. Marlene has been a supportive commenter of mine as well. Thank you Di, Fern and Marlene for being supportive and encouraging!

Now, you all know I've been hinting around about a very special project I've been working on. Well, it was received yesterday by little Ginny so now I can post about it.

I am very proud of this special quilt I made for my granddaughter's first birthday. Erin (her mommy) had asked a while back if I'd make a quilt with her four pets' portraits on it. I knew what I was going to do almost right away. She had also requested that it be kind of scrappy and mostly white. Well, I got the scrappy look right, but the white part just didn't work out the way I had pictured in my head. But we all agreed the colors in the quilt are beautiful. The picture shows the orange much brighter than it actually is; it's really a pale shade. And I loved the yellow fabric so much that I wanted to buy it in bulk, but these were all fat quarters from Hancocks and you know those fabrics are always different from what's on the shelves. The pictures don't really do this quilt justice; the fabrics are all so very pretty.

Now for the pictures...drum roll please...... TA-DA!!!

This is Daisy - she was the most difficult to make as she is quite "wolfish" looking. Daisy is the queen of the house...just like my Princess!

Here is Bullet - named because he had been found in the woods - shot. He was a sweet basset mix that had to be put to sleep not long ago before his cancer made him suffer. Sweet Bullet...

And this is Gracie, a very shy girl who runs to hide whenever I come to visit.

And this guy is Dude, a very handsome kitty who has a white ring around his black tail. He is a pretty and fluffy kitty!

In the very center block, I embroidered Ginny's birth announcement information. I also wrote her a letter telling her how I made the quilt just for her. I hope she will always remember me by this.

So folks, that's my big, special project. It was well received by my little family and I hope Ginny loves it and cuddles with it all the time!

Have a good day tomorrow, friends. I took the weekend off from job hunting, as it makes me quite unhappy. Tomorrow I'll start again. I saw a nice quote last week by Elanor Roosevelt: "With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts"...I'll keep it in mind.