Monday, October 29, 2012

A Garden Cloche and a Rock

A couple of weeks ago when I took the trash to the recycle center, somebody had thrown away a rusty, pink birdcage.  The bottom was missing and the top where the hanger used to be was just a big hole.  I immediately saw the potential as a cloche and grabbed it from the dumpster.

I spray painted it with hammered bronze paint and bought some washers - 2 medium sized and 2 large - to cover the hole and fit the pretty "finial" (actually a drawer knob from World Market).  I am very pleased with the way it turned out and can use it in so many places.  For now, it's setting on my concrete tree table.

Here's the before...

Here it is after some spray paint...

My poor angel vine - the deer keep eating it down to knubs.  It will be safe on my patio instead of in the front yard.

Here's a close up of the beautiful glass knob.  You'd think I planned that the green pot was going under this when I bought the drawer pull but it was another happy accident

I have been admiring Tammy's beautiful crochet jackets for stones and asked her how she made them.  She didn't really have a pattern but sent me a link to Purl Bee, which got me started.  I'm not really happy with the results of my first attempt and need to figure out how Tammy makes hers.  They are much more open and delicate looking than what I made.  But considering I didn't even think I could crochet with this fine thread, I guess it isn't too bad.  I need some smaller stones though and will be searching for them at the home improvement stores since I don't get to take walks around here.

The big storm named Sandy sure has brought cold weather with her.  We are safe here but I am concerned for my older daughter and her family near D.C.  Their power has been flickering all day and she's worried that a large tree in their yard may fall on their house.  And my dear friend on the Eastern Shore of Virginia - they already had flooding begin last night before the high tide at midnight tonight.  I'll call them both in the morning to see how they fared.

It's been an exhausting day at work with all the travel cancellations.  Both of my managers travel a lot and all flights were cancelled today, which meant setting up video conferences and change a gazillion meetings from east to west coast.  It's only 8:30 but I'm going to be going to bed shortly.

Hope you are all safe where you live!