Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lots To Tell You!

Lots going on this week and I'm feeling encouraged and happy again.

First, Miss Blair went to the vet today for a final heartworm test and she is now free and clear of those horrible little things. This girl is so sweet and I just love her to pieces. I'll be officially adopting her in the next couple of weeks. She has a minor issue with high ph levels in her urine so has more pills to take for a while to correct it. She refuses to go outside and do her business and will hold it forever. I have to walk outside with her or she'll just stand at the door, maybe b/c she was an "outdoor" dog before and doesn't want to leave the house. Anyway, she's a good girl and I'm happy she is with me.

I took a little video of her being happy, but don't know how to upload it from my camera.

Second, I have a firm interview in a week or so about a decent job. The pay will just let me survive, but it's permanent and will have benefits. I've also applied for a fantastic job that I really want - also permanent. I've talked to them to make sure they received my resume and they should be scheduling phone interviews later next week. I will do my best to get this job; the pay is right and I would love this entirely different industry (not giving any details about it yet). I've also had an interview yesterday for a really nice temporary position, but haven't heard back from them yet. So, things are looking up again. I'm not going to get my hopes up like I did last time, as I fall so hard when things don't work out.

Third, lookie what I got with my house cleaning money...a netbook. This baby is the size of a sheet of copy paper and is so convenient. I justified the purchase because I sit for 6 hours a day twiddling my thumbs so can now at least look and apply for jobs during the day. You have to act quickly due to the number of people out of work. Plus, the application process is so lenghty and it takes up my entire evening just to apply for a couple. The nice people I'm helping don't mind that I do this and I immediately do whatever they need taken care of if something comes up.

Plus this new toy will be great to take on trips (not that I go on many) or if I feel like driving up the road to Panera Bread or some place that has wireless and I can log on. I never thought I'd get something like this but I'm glad I have it now.

Oh - it came with a built in webcam and microphone and Skype. Skype is what Oprah uses to have video conference calls with guests. My sister and I "visited" with each other last Friday and it was so much fun. It took us both a while to figure out what we were doing, but we will definitely be using this gadget for show and tell.

And since I'm meeting my sister in Hampton, VA for the Eastern Regional Quilt Show, I'll be taking my new toy with me. Hmmmm....wonder if I should give her a name??? I made a simple sleeve to keep her clean. There are quite a few tutorials on line but I ended up doing it my own way. I might add some embellishments to it later, but for now it's just fine.

I basically made a pillow case with batting between the layers and then folded to make a large pocket for the netbook and a smaller one to hold the cords.

Here it is all packed. If the cords weren't in it, everything would be tidy and flat.

So, I've had a pretty good week so far and am extremely excited about going to the quilt show. I went to it two or three years ago and the quilts are beyond incredible. I'll take some pictures for inspiriation and share with you.

Now, I've got to get some things done around here before hitting the sack.