Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Look What I Got

Look what the mailmain brought me yesterday....a Christmas present from my sister, Susan. We are all notoriously late sending gifts and cards, but that's ok with me b/c when they finally come, they're really great gifts.

She made me a sewing mate... I've been wanting one for the longest time but just haven't gotten around to making one for myself. My grandmother used to keep a little paper bag taped to her sewing machine table for her scraps; she'd have loved one of these. As a little extra, my DS put some wonderful lavender inside the pincushion. Boy does it smell delightful while I'm sewing!!

She also made me a pair of microwave mitts...I've been wanting some ever since I saw hers at Thanksgiving.

And check this out...a sewing calendar! There is a project for every day of the year! I probably won't get all of them made, and surely not one a day, but there are so many cute ideas in this box. What a great gift for somebody who sews, huh?

Well, back to working on my special project. I can't show pictures till it's been received by somebody extra special. I hope you're having a good day. :)