Thursday, May 6, 2010

Popping In To Say Hello

Well, we're all into another busy time of year, aren't we? I worked at the Garden Market yesterday and everybody is buying pretty gifts to give for Mother's Day. I told several customers that I wish I was their mother to be on the receiving end of all those pretties!

I've been working furiously in the heat at the garden center and am exhausted by the time I get home....but, the money helps a lot and I'm very grateful to Gail! In the evenings, I've been trying to get my yards whipped into shape, but there is never enough light out for long after I get all the critters taken care of. Still, I'm working away each night and happy with anything I get accomplished.

I haven't been able to sew or do anything really fun for a few weeks, but did manage to make my mom a cute cell phone bag last night for Mother's Day. I made a long strap so she could hang it around her neck. She told me that when she mows the yard, she puts the cell phone on the deck so that she could get to it if she had any sort of accident. I fussed at her and said that she needed to keep the phone ON her. If she fell, she might not be able to get to it. I'll get it in the mail tomorrow. I want to make one for myself as well, but with a short strap to hook onto my belt loop.

This morning I was greeted by my tropical iris that blooms once a year. I shared some pictures with you last year, but here is what I'm looking at now. The blooms fade in less than 24 hours, so I'm happy I caught this.

Princess gets her stitches removed Saturday and they will be drawing blood to check on her thyroid activity. My vet called Tuesday to say that the tumor was malignant but hopefully the surgery will be curative. I'm not going to worry about her and know that she will be with me for several more years now...she's a tough little cookie!

I'm trying to get some laundry done in between other chores while I'm home today. What is it about a stripped bed that cats love so much? No sooner than I took the sheets off my day bed, all three kitties jumped up to groom themselves (or each other).

Our Lowes is hiring sales associates, so I've filled out my application and will talk to the HR manager tomorrow when she gets back. I just found out about the openings yesterday and that they pay higher than minimum wage, plus offer benefits. Since I've resigned myself to the fact that I have to draw on part of my meager retirement funds, I can make ends meet if I can get a position that offers insurance. It will be hard, but I can hang on till next year when the economy is supposed to be in better shape. At least the extreme pressure is off me for a little while and I have hope again.

Well folks, I'm headed outside to make something I've been wanting to try for a year now. I'll show pictures if it turns out ok! I hope the week has been good to you all!