Monday, July 11, 2011

I Knew That Would Happen

I started this post a week ago but had issues transferring photos from the camera to the computer....

So I finally got my sink project completed a week ago Friday evening, with the help of a neighbor.

The picture I posted previously had the new sink top laying on top of the old vanity that I couldn't remove. The hole had to be cut bigger for the new sink to drop in place, so off it came and with a lot of patience, I was able to cut the hole big enough for a perfect fit. I was so happy, and it's gorgeous if I do say so myself.

But the plumbing portion was an issue. I am now very familiar with crimp rings and crimper tools. I've purchased and exchanged these expensive crimp tools twice now.

I managed to get the new faucet connected but because the sink was now 1 1/2" higher, the drain pipe wouldn't connect to the 'S' trap. Long story short, I was able to find an extender - an easy fix. I had to change the water valves so that I could connect the new faucet tubes. Then came the crimp rings. I needed two to complete the job and got one on without a hitch. By now it's Thursday night and - I forgot to mention - I didn't have any running water for two days at this point. I had to turn off the water main to change out the valves. And because I couldn't get them connected to the existing intake lines, had to keep the water off.

I know I'm jumping around with this story.

So Thursday night I had one more crimp ring to put into place that my neighbor was lucky enough to have on hand. That was good - I only needed one. Wrong. Don't you know that little ring slid right down the intake tube and under the sink cabinet. Was I mad??? Let's just say I felt like I could have sawed down a very large tree with a hand saw I was so ticked off!

Friday meant another trip to Lowes to buy more crimp rings. I called my neighbor and asked him if he would put the final ring in place. He told me he had messed up plenty of times with these things and that I shouldn't feel bad (and he's a plumber!).

Finally, everything was finished and my new sink had running water. I didn't mention that I actually took a "shower" with less than two gallons of water I got from the yard pump by bucket loads. I felt like I was camping but with A/C.

Here's the new sink completely installed (with running water). I am very pleased with it!

Here's a close up of the tiles...

Alissa spent the day with me this Wednesday. I had to take off for an A/C repair and it worked out that I could keep her. I had promised her we'd do more arts and crafts and because it was so hot outside, I decided to pull out the scrapbook I started for her several years ago. I haven't touched it in over a year and it was fun to work on it with her. I have now introduced her to the world of scrapbooking and she likes it. She designed this page all by herself and I didn't do very much on it at all except for the writing. We're going to continue working on it together and make more memories as we go.

Last weekend we made some big wood flip-flop cut outs to decorate the yard for summer with. I forgot to take a picture of them but will tomorrow. They turned out really cute!

Now that I have my camera working again, I can start taking pictures again and get current with all that's going on around here!

Have a good day tomorrow and try to stay cool!