Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Before going to Lowes yesterday evening, I got all my acerage mowed and things outside are in pretty good shape right now. I've been itching to paint everything - inside and out, so this weekend I'll start with the porch.

In between spending time at Lowes, I'll be re-painting the trim on the porch. I've already bleached it tonight after I got home from cleaning Gail's house. That alone has been an improvement. I keep white exterior trim paint on hand and already had it. Next I'll be painting the porch floor a completely different color. I can't wait till it's done! I just want everything clean, pared down and more simple.

I stopped at the grocery store and bought lots of fresh fruit and veggies, so I'm all set for the weekend. I've been "making do" with what I had and haven't eaten very well lately.

The other night while I was job searching on-line, my two black cats were playing on opposite sides of the door. They are so funny together. Smudge really doesn't want to act as silly as these two! He's above all this foolishness!

Have a great and safe Labor Day weekend! See you at Lowes if you stop by :)