Saturday, February 25, 2012

An Unexpected Road Trip

Hi Bloggie friends,

I took an unplanned road trip to Alexandria, VA to visit my daughter and son-in-law (Erin and Aaron) due to his mother's passing. I got to meet all of Aaron's family - people I've heard about for years now.

My purpose for the trip was to take care of little Ginny, who is just three years old. Since Alissa was out of school for President's Day and a teacher work day, I took her with me. She's a super babysitter and loves her little cousin and did a terrific job of taking care of Ginny which made things so much easier for the family.

On the way, we needed to stop so I pulled into a Cracker Barrell for a drink. As we were parking, I saw a couple loading some dogs into the back of their car. Now you know I had to go see them so Alissa and I approached the nice couple and asked if we could pet their dogs. They had one old Pekingnese named Asia, who they had found abandoned and covered with ice and no hair some years ago. The little dog was very old. They also had a big Golden they called Cowboy who was a year old. Not visible were two little white dogs - one in diapers because she was so old.

I have no idea who these people were but had to take a picture of Alissa with them. I asked them if they were involved in rescue and the woman replied - "no, we're just stupid". I cracked up laughing! Turns out they have almost as many cats as I do and at one time had even more.

I thanked them for letting us visit their dogs and told them to have a safe trip and off we all went.

Aaron has a niece that is one year younger than Alissa, and they get to see each other about once a year. It was the first time I've met Miranda. Alissa has deemed Miranda her cousin-in-law! For a while, they were watching TV by themselves taking a break from babysitting and I joined them. What I saw was so adorable to me that I got my camera and took a few pictures of them - they were so engrossed watching Sponge Bob Square Pants that they didn't realize what I was doing.

I am just sick that this picture is out of focus but it's still worth its weight in gold to me.

Look - always in the same position while watching TV.

Two little girls who love each other and only get to see each other about once a year. So sweet and innocent.

I hope your week has been a good one.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Is Wash Day

I got some much needed washing done today. It's very cold and windy and if I had hung clothes outside, I'm sure they would have blown away. But that isn't the kind of washing I did.

I've tried to get Princess to the groomer for the last three weekends but it just hasn't worked out. She isn't difficult to just makes such a mess of the bathroom. And as hard as I try not to let a bunch of dog hair go down the drain, I'm usually not very successful.

I couldn't get a picture of her in the tub and she would barely hold still once out. She couldn't get out of the bathroom fast enough!

Mommy, please stop torturing me and let me outta here!

Then it was Zoe's turn. Does she look pitiful or what?

Now at least I have two shiny and clean pooches. Blair will have to wait for her turn at the groomer b/c she has a thick coat. I'd never got the drain unclogged from her.

I hope you have a good week :)