Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trips To The Vet and America's Food Source

First, I want to thank you all for your support in the decision I made about the stray dog. It has bothered me all week and I'm not sure I deserve your kindness considering I took him to his death. As much as he suffered in the gas chamber, it was nothing compared to being used for bait.

Yesterday was another emotional day for me. As if the stress of this job search isn't enough, my precious Princess has something medical going on - possibly thyroid cancer. We've been to the vet twice this week and I'm headed back there this morning. My wonderful vet will get some answers after a specialist examines Princess and performs an ultrasound.
*Update* just arrived home. She has a tumor on her thyroid :( When the tests come back, we'll proceed with surgery. She is quite dopey from the anesthesia, poor baby.

Now maybe you all don't realize what an animal lover I am. I've been involved with rescue for years and been a supporter of animals' rights since the 70's. Last evening I was laying in bed, trying to get my brain turned off and was flipping through channels. There wasn't anything I wanted to watch, so tuned in to the local PBS channel. Usually that have documentaries with a soothing voice doing the speaking. The documentary that was on was a film called "Food, Inc". I missed the first half but the portion I did see was alarming. If you have the time, just scan through this site for some alarming facts and information.

From now on, I am going to make every effort to buy the locally grown food at the grocery store. It costs more, but I don't eat that much and it's better for the farmers and the planet...and me!