Friday, January 15, 2010

Blair's Home and a Visit With a Friend

I was able to bring Blair home yesterday afternoon and she was very happy to be back. She has some anti-biotics to take for a couple of weeks and then back to the vet for a follow-up and then she's done.

Here's where they gave her the two shots, 24 hours apart. They are intramuscular shots and must hurt, b/c I've got some pain meds for her.
I don't think she was feeling so hot...

After heading for the treat jar, she went straight to the big dog bed.

Dingbat Zoe seemed to be happy to have Blair home too.

Today I went to visit a friend and fellow quilter. Candy is a quilter from way back and has made more quilts than I ever will. I think she's made most of them as gifts but she has several of her own.

We haven't seen each other in a year - she doesn't really live that far away but you know how time gets away from us. I told her if I didn't get over there today, I was afraid it would be another year before I made the hour long trip.

Candy moved into a new condo and I hadn't seen it yet. Her home is perfect for her. We talked so much that I didn't remember to take many pictures but did take a few.

She is currently working on a quilt pattern called Lover's Knot by Elanor Burns. It's so pretty and she told me it was very simple to piece. I don't looks kind of involved to me. Take a look at the pretty free motion design she is doing all over it...

Here is a small quilt she made for a friend's little simple but so pretty!

Here's a blurry picture of Candy while she was putting a quilt away...Candy, don't shoot me.

As if I need another project to tackle around here, I was so inspired by Candy's organized sewing room that I've decided to reorganize my sewing and craft supplies. I currently keep my fabrics in a tall cabinet and craft supplies in my closet. Since the fabric cabinet has gotten pretty full, I think it's time for them to move into the closet and the craft supplies can go into the cabinet. Sounds pretty simple, don't you think? I just know I'll have the entire room torn up by tomorrow morning....stay tuned....