Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nothing Against White But...

It's just not for me.

I've tried to join the white bandwagon, but it just doesn't work for me. Not to say that I don't enjoy visiting all the blogs that have beautiful photos of white homes - chippy or not. They all look so calm and soothing.

But folks - I live with too many animals and can't keep up with all the mess they make. White shows every little thing - especially their fur!

This little table was a beautiful dark brown when I bought it. I painted it white last year. I only put one coat on it and was never happy with the way it was looking. But...I lived with it for a while and really tried to like it.

So much for that experiment - I ruined a perfectly beautiful table. Live and learn.

But now look at it! So simple - so pretty!

In my quest for a simpler life with far fewer possessions, tan and black with white accents really appeals to me these days when it comes to decorating some parts of the house. It's the color combo I'm using in my kitchen and am very happy with it. It's clean and sharp and updated. While I'll never redo my den, which is perfect in every way, I am moving towards a more streamlined look around here.

We had a terrific rain a while ago, so I won't have to spend all evening watering the plants and animals. Boy, did we need it!