Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Completed UFO and Bird Count

Well, I had just just about given up even trying to complete anything. The weather has broken and I'll be outide till about August now.

I had actually finished this embroidery right around Thanksgiving, but didn't have time to make it into a pillow. I spent a lot of time making a jacket for my mother for Christmas and it was a priority.

This pattern called for a checkered border, but I left it off. It would have added a lot to the finished piece but I just wanted it finished. It also called for some cross hatching on the pumpkin stem, but I think it looks ok the way it is.

Now it's in the closet and I'll enjoy it this coming fall. Maybe I'll add some ribbon to it to really frame all that stitching.

I participated in the annual Great Backyard Bird Count. I didn't get to spend nearly as much time as I wanted to, and my numbers were very low considering the amount of birds that eat at the feeders everyday. Still, I had 12 species visit in the 15 minutes that I timed myself for a total bird count of a little over 20 birds.

If I did it correctly, I had to count the number of birds that were at the feeder in a 15 minute window. I know the feeder was busy all day though because all the food was gone. I'll give it a try again next year and will definitely block out more time to participate.

Spring is springing and I'm ready to sew a table mat or runner or something out of some pretty tea fabrics that my friend, Diane, sent me a few months ago. I'm still trying to decide what I want to make.

I've got a few daffodils in bloom and the forsythia is ready to pop! I'm going to bring some inside to force and enjoy!