Thursday, June 25, 2009

Laundry Room Re-Do

I've been wanting to give my laundry room a much needed makeover for over a year. When the A/C flooded a week ago, it forced me into action.

Bear in mind, I used my laundry room for my foster dogs and puppies over the last eight+ years, so it's suffered quite a bit of damage...chewed mouldings and walls, stained flooring, beat up cabinet - you get the picture? I had painted it a very bright green and stamped a paw print all around the room, and the cabinet was a very bright blue. I figured if it couldn't be a pretty room, it would at least have lots of color to distract the eye. hehehe

Anyway, the A/C overflow tube got clogged with dog hair - surprise, surprise. My daughter's dog is a very heavy shedder and he had been staying in there a lot. After the repair was made, I was very concerned about the possibility of water under the flooring. Long story short...there was and along with it, lots of black mold growing! So last weekend I began taking everything but the washer and dryer out of the room and ripped up all the vinyl flooring, even inside the little area where the A/C unit is housed. Then I ripped off several pieces of chewed moulding and started priming. I had bought a gallon of "oops" pink paint so used that as my primer. Then I went over the room with a gallon of high quality pale mint green. I wasn't wild about the color but had it and wanted to use it up. It actually turned out very clean looking and I like it.

I've had fans blowing 24/7 on the floor by the A/C unit and will continue drying the area for another week at least to allow the wood to completely dry out. I had somebody I trust to assess the water damage and to make sure underneath the house was dry. Great news, no serious damage! I've got all the painting finished and just need to replace the mouldings, which I haven't bought yet but it's cheap, and caulk around the light switch.

I know it's nothing beautiful but it's now a genuine laundry room and I like it. I'll like it a lot more once I get the vinyl tiles and new pieces of moulding in place. The important thing is that it's dry and clean now. I can't wait to get the floor tiles but I have to wait till next week. I'll take pics and post when I've completed that.

Oops - I forgot to paint the drawers. You can see a little of the blue in the corner. :)