Saturday, March 21, 2009

Much Better!

Just a quick post; I'm pooped after working in the greenhouse all day.

My arbor just wasn't right. I have a million gardening books and do you think I looked at one of them before building my arbor? No. I just started sawing and screwing together. I knew it didn't look right so as soon as I got home this evening, I let the dogs out and went right to work making changes. I am much happier with it now and can't wait to paint and decorate it. I still have the side trellis part to make but that won't take long at all. And I haven't spaced and bolted the top pieces yet either; that will wait till tomorrow....or the next day.

I probably won't be able to move tomorrow after taking down about 200 fern plants, weeding and sorting and then hanging them back up again. There was a lot of reaching as far as I could involved! I'm headed for bed - nighty night everybody!