Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally, Some Rain!

How glorious rain is after more than five weeks with none. The high temps, sun and lack of rain has taken its toll on plants and animals alike. I've had the sprinkler running almost every evening just to keep my plants alive. But yesterday we had a cold front move into the area and it has been cloudy and raining softly since - hurray!! I just LOVE rainy days!!

My little shell birdbath is full...

My tub with a fountain is full....

Hansel and Gretel are very happy after having a nice long shower.

Oops - I woke them up!

It actually FEELS like fall today and it has made me feel happy inside. I'm tired of the heat and struggling to keep the garden alive and worrying about the chickens running out of water before I get home. Maybe fall has arrived and will stay. It is absolutely my favorite season!

I've made two small pillows using the free pattern that Ariane shared on her blog. I ran out of the fabric I was using for the border, so one is a little skimpy. I'll keep that one and give the other to a friend as a "thinking of you" gift.

I've been machine quilting my bird quilt and hope to get the binding on this weekend. I'm eager to display it on the back of my sofa. I'll show you pictures when I get it all together.

I've sewn all the beads on my crow wall hanging. I have to make a trip to JoAnns to get fabric for the inner boarder; I just don't have enough to make it from my stash.
After I complete these two projects for my own home, I can get back to work on the Christmas gift I'm making for my mother. I'll share some photos as the project progresses.

My phone is starting to ring again with potential job opportunities. I hope that one of them comes through for me. I really don't want to be at Lowes for the holidays.

I hope you have a good evening!