Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pink Saturday - Altered

My contribution on this Pink Saturday isn't all pink, but I wanted to post something else too. The first picture is of a drawing Alissa did late last summer - I could kick myself for not writing the date on the back! She is really into the Disney princess theme and this is her as Rapunzel (notice the artistic detail in the writing!). Anyway, I want to duplicate the drawing either by copying it onto white muslin and embroidering it, or making my own applique pieces from it and making an adorable pillow out of it. If I make applique pieces, what colors should I use? Should I keep it all pink like she drew it? I'm afraid if I just embroider it all pink on white, it won't be as cute as it should be. Suggestions from my friends, please??

The next picture is of my dry sink I bought ages ago - typical Early American style pine with white knobs. About three years ago I finally decided to paint it kind of wild and crazy and this is what I came up with. I found some cute decorative knobs at Lowes for $2 each and couldn't make up my mind which ones to use, so I bought two different kinds.

And I thought of something I can finish right away for the Appalachian quilt project. When my girls were very young, I tended to decorate in more of a country style and had managed to make one quilt top, which I never put together for so many reasons. Anyway - I came across it while reorganizing last week and thought I'd go ahead and finish it now while I had the time. It's a full size quilt top and I've decided to cut it in half, finish as two separate quilts, and donate them to the Applachian quilt project. I want to make several smaller items, but these will be so quick and easy to finish. I'm really excited about it; they will be put to very good use.

And last but not least - I GOT MY PRIZE! Yes, the sweet print I won from Diane's drawing last week has arrived. I knew I'd love getting any of them, but this one is so pretty. Along with the print, she sent me two beautiful tags, which I know she made herself, and a piece of sheet music entitled The Return of Spring. At first I thought I'd use the tags as gift tags, but they are far too pretty for that. I've been wanting to try my hand at an altered art piece and now have the perfect pieces to get me started. I'll have to wait till I figure out exactly what I want to do so they are shown off perfectly. That's gonna take me a while to figure out though :) I have several fruit pieces in my kitchen and I think the print in a frame will be a perfect addition to them. Thank you so much, Diane; I'm so glad mine was one of the names drawn!

Well, gotta get ready to go help a friend paint her shop. Have a great day, everybody.