Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pink Saturday and Discovering Blog Land

Happy Saturday to you all!

I was wondering yesterday what in the world I could post for Pink Saturday. I dabble in all kinds of things, but have been spending a lot of time with fabric lately and loving it. I did sew a small flower pocket for my friend, Gail, but it wasn't pink, and I had made it so late Thursday evening that I didn't even think to take a picture of it. I've been working with wood the last few days and don't have pictures of my projects to share yet.

Well, I decided to post a picture of the bench I made last September. I was searching for yard art - you know, the trash to treasure type? I moved to what used to be a farm field and have been toiling away for 8 years planting trees and making flower beds. Because the space is so large, I need big structural things and certainly can't afford to buy all those beautiful arbors and such that I see at Lowes. And since I'm a major dumpster diver anyway, trash to treasure was the way to go. So while doing a search on Google for yard art, I discovered sites with all kinds of things made from "junk" - just my style of fun! I noticed that they were all "blogs" and kept clicking away on different links and the rest is history. I was addicted.

I'm pretty sure I found the idea here. As soon as I saw all these cool things made from other people's throw aways, I went right out to find myself a headboard. I went to the local flea market and came across a headboard from a youth bed. It wasn't even priced and when I asked, the man sold it to me for $5. I went to Lowes and bought $11 worth of lumber to add to scraps I already had from other things. Here is my $16 bench; I am very happy with it. The very next weekend I found a full sized wood headboard somebody through in the trash and promptly brought it home. It's in my garage waiting to be turned into a big bench for another part of the yard.

The project I'm working on now is a wall shelf unit to hold some of my art supplies in. It's almost finished and I'll post pictures later. Right now, I'm not happy with it though. You can't stretch wood like you can fabric when you cut it too short!