Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday Night Sew In, Energized, and Look What I Received

It is a gorgeous autumn day here in central North Carolina - the weather could not be more perfect! The state fair is officially underway and Laura and Alissa will be spending the day there with stories for me afterwards.

I am energized by two things today. First - it's Saturday and I'm HOME! How nice it is to have a "normal" Saturday. There are so many things I want to tackle that I haven't been able to focus, so have started my list making again. I do much better when I have lists to keep me on track - or at least partially anyway.

And second and more importantly, I have reconnected with a friend I used to work with two companies ago (I've had lots of jobs over the years). We had lost touch for quite a while but I'm so glad for email and getting reconnected. Amanita is a true entrepenuer (sp ?) and has gotten me excited about learning some new tools in the job searching arena. She's been out of work for a while as well and tries all kinds of things to find a good job.

I am meeting her Monday morning for a Job Seeker meeting that sounds more successful than the ones I see advertised in my area. And on top of that, she has registered for one of many free classes at a local community college provided to job seekers and now I'm registering for the same class too!

I will say that being at Lowes has drained me of my drive and enthusiasm for finding a new career and I had fallen into the mindset that "this is it" for the rest of my life - not at all happy and not what I want to be doing. Not to mention, losing all my brain power, or what little I had anyway.

So, onward and upward with new energy and motivation, thanks to a wonderful woman I have reconnected with!

Now, here is a picture of my almost-completed pumpkin stitchery. I think I'll take Marlene's suggestion and make it into a pillow for my sofa.

Last month I had emailed Diane and asked if she would like some more small tin items that I don't display any longer. I know how much she enjoys tin ware and in my gradual paring down of things, I thought I'd send some things her way. She then suggested we have a little trade and asked if I would like some of her fabric. Are you kidding me? I'd LOVE some of her lovely creations! What talent she has and what a kind and caring woman.

Well, my box of goodies arrived yesterday. I was so impressed at how beautifully wrapped everything was. I had just thrown my things in a box and shipped them off, but not Diane! The fabric was folded neatly and wrapped in an old Vogue pattern and tied witha pretty ribbon.

She had included a pretty tag with a note on the back and a tiny box she made that held some lavendar.

I was feeling lost yesterday and her sweet package lifted my spirits so much. Women can be such great inspiration to each other and I'm fortunate to know both Amanita and Diane!

Have a great day everybody!