Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Atlanta Market

Hi everybody! A friend took me to the Atlanta Market and what a trip! I've never experienced anything like this and it was quite overwhelming. I took tons of pictures of displays, with the permission of the exhibitors of course, and wanted to share some with you right away.

And before I forget to tell you - guess who I met live and in person? - Anna Griffin of Anna Griffin, Inc!!! She was so nice and very gracious about me being so bold as to introduce myself to her...like I'm anybody! I just had to tell her that I loved her beautiful products and was so happy for her that she had made such a success for herself doing something she loves.

OK, now for some yummy pictures. The first few are of a wonderful exhibitor Peacock Park Designs - they had an absolutely gorgeous display! I'm a long time gardener and am drawn to almost anything related to it. Check out this sweet little garden shed, which is available for purchase...

And check this out - it's nothing more than a torn piece of cardboard that has been stenciled with their name. How cute is this?!?

And I'm definitely liking these wire cloches, which several exhibitors had. I didn't realize that I took pictures of every one I saw. I can't remember which exhibitors these are from, but I did ask their permission before taking any pics.

I have lots more beautiful pictures to share but will save them for the next posts.

I hope you all have a great day and appreciate being in your own home as much as I do!