Friday, March 6, 2009

Look What I Got!

I received the most wonderful gifts from Diane Knott this week. If you visited her blog last week, you would have noticed that she had a new banner with a teapot on it. Well, I flipped over it and contacted her to see if I could purchase a print of it. She was so kind that she offered to send me one as a thank you for the antique items I sent her last month. Well....when the print came, I thought the envelope felt awfully heavy and was very curious. When I opened the envelope, there was the gorgeous print, which she signed and dated. I was so happy to get it; it will go perfectly in my kitchen with my other two prints that I just posted about. I went right out yesterday and bought a frame for it so I can hang it up today.

Why did the envelope feel so heavy???? Look what else she sent me - I was covered in goosebumps and had to calm down a bit before I could absorb it all.

Look at the gorgeous cards - they are too beautiful to use as cards; I think I'll be framing them as gifts (one to keep for me of course):

The book has eight wall hangings to make, all of which are from her beautiful paintings. It was a collaboration with her daughter, Holly. She even inscribed the book to personalize it. All the directions are very clear and easy to understand and I can't wait to get started on my first one. I've taken a picture of two of the wall hangings that are inside the book; all of them are equally gorgeous!

If I had had her phone number, I would have called to thank her but she probably wouldn't have appreciated it very much as I was practically screaming with joy just sending her an e-mail of thanks. My dogs were running around looking to see what all the commotion was about! :)

Diane, thank you so much for these beautiful things which I will treasure always. I love your art work and didn't realize until recently the extent of your works. And here I thought you "just" designed fabrics. Shame on me for not reading people's profiles thoroughly.

Have a great day everybody; I hope you have some sunshine and warmer temperatures today like we have here.