Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Quick Trip

I did something that I don't do very often - take a trip without planning it.

I've been missing some of my family members who live about 6 hours away; I haven't seen them since spring. Last Friday morning, after an interview, I headed up the highway to visit with them. My newest little granddaughter is 8 months old now and we don't know each other at all, so I had to work on that.

Since this trip wasn't planned, I had to take Princess and Zoe with me. Princess doesn't travel well; the stress induces seizures. My wonderful vet prescribed Valium for both of them to hopefully knock them out. Well, Princess didn't have a seizure but the drug barely did anything for either of them. My vet warned me that dogs can take this stuff like candy and to experiment with it on her. I ended up giving her six pills (we would have been in a coma) and all it did was make her unsteady. The whining and panting were horrible and non-stop. Before I even got to D.C. I called my vet and made reservations for Thanksgiving for them. No way am I going to put her through that again.

My sister and mom came to my daughter's home and we visited for a while. Then my DS and I went to Jinny Beyer's quilt shop. She didn't have a lot of displays or patterns and such, but oh my gosh, what gorgeous fabrics! I don't make her style of quilts - a very good thing I guess - but couldn't leave w/o buying a few 1/2 yard pieces of pretty stuff. I can't wait to get sewing on it. I tried taking pictures of them tonight but it's too dark and they don't show up. I wanted something to reflect the autumn colors so I got a cranberry print, a dark gold, a dark green and a dark brownish fabric. One of the ladies in the shop picked out a couple of the pieces; I would never have picked the dark brown one. We built on the beautiful cranberry print that I fell in love with. I'll post a picture of them next time.

So the interview went great and I started a new temp assignment that will run through December. I have a good feeling about this company and hope that maybe something will open up for me, so keep your fingers crossed. I'm going to bed; I'm still wiped out from all the running.