Monday, February 23, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

Thanks to everybody for their suggestions on how to reproduce Alissa's little art piece. They're all good ideas and I might just do several different pieces and keep all but the plain pink and white. It would make her mommy such a sweet birthday present in April. I'll definitely post pictures of whatever I do.

I've got several small projects going - some sewing and some not. I've been working in my nasty woman cave garage doing some much needed reorganizing. Gail (my friend with the flower farm) gave me a huge handmade desk over the weekend that was made from a door; it made a perfect work table for the back of my garage. Of course, before I could get it in place, I had to pull a bunch of other stuff out. I knocked down a shelf that held charcoal lighter, Windex, goop cleaner and other chemicals and about had a fit. It was so cold that the plastic bottles broke and made the biggest mess. None of the chemicals ran together and I poured kitty litter all over everything to absorb the liquid. Everything is fine but the garage still smells like petroleum; I'm sure it will air out in a couple of days.

I did manage to start a potholder today from the Pretty Little Potholders book I bought last week so will post a peek at that.

I've also added a shot of a shadow box I started a few weeks ago using some of Dawn's images. About three years ago I bought a nice wooden drawer organizer for this purpose and put it aside and there it sat. I finally dragged it out and started on it - haven't gotten very far, but it's on the wall with one of many tiny birdnests I've found on my property. I swear I have ADD because I jump from thing to thing, and get so distracted in between. I have to force myself to stay focused on one thing in order to complete it. I'm trying to get better about that :)

That's it for my Monday. I sure hope I get more done tomorrow!