Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birds and Bugs

I wash dog towels fairly frequently around here. I don't see any sense in putting them in the dryer so I hang them over the porch railings to dry. This morning this is what was on one of them. Isn't he beautiful!?!

Now you all know how much I love birds. When I saw this pattern at the quilt show in the spring, I had to have it.

Since I can't work on my mom's Christmas present till next week, I put this together yesterday before going to Lowes. Today I fused the crows in place and now I get to add BEADS!! I really love the batik on the pattern picture, but I already had this fall print, so used it instead. There isn't as much contrast but I think it will be pretty once it's all embellished and quilted. It's much bigger than I remeber at the show.

Tomorrow I'm off and will start cleaning for Gail again. She's so excited he-he!