Monday, June 6, 2011

The Goat Family Goes To The Vet

I got more than a couple of strange looks by passers by as I was driving up the highway with four goats in the back of my car.

It was time to get the babies de-budded. I hated to do it, but have read that even the nicest pet can hurt you with those horns.

Little Fizz's horns had grown huge already and I couldn't put it off any longer. The good thing though, is that all the goats were checked by the vet, checked for parasites, had their shots and got their hooves trimmed professionally. Next time I can do it if I can find somebody to hold them for me.

Bindi and Fizz are doing great, although Fizz looks horrible.

It was a very stressful ordeal for Lily. She is such a good little mama to her babies - always right beside them.

Fizz makes me hurt just to look at his little head. The vet said there would be some swelling, but the bandage can come off tomorrow, if he doesn't work it off by himself tonight.

Little Lola was great and such a super little pet goat. She didn't seem to be phased by any of it.

Mama and babies back home


I couldn't upload pictures last evening so am updating this today. Little Fizz is pitiful and I know he hurts. This morning when I opened the barn, he lagged behind the others with his head and tail down. When I reached out to pet him, he shyed away from me. Same thing with the second try. When I tried to remove his bandages, he cried and ran into the barn. It broke my heart when he hid behind a bale of hay and cried again when I reached for him.

Oh, I felt horrible and was so upset.

When the vet called me today, I told her about it and she said I could give him two baby aspirins crushed in some molasses. Well, I couldn't get him to touch it, but it's still out there for whoever wants to lick the spoon.

His little forehead is so swollen.

Bless his little heart.