Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Modem Died!

Hi everybody,

I've missed blogland like crazy! My computer wouldn't connect Friday evening and I've been w/o my computer all weekend. I'm so glad it was only the modem, which Windstream just replaced a little while ago.

Yay - I won one of Diane's prints; I'm so happy and excited!! I'm one of those people who rarely win anything. In fact, I can't really remember winning anything before. I can't wait to get my prize :)

I didn't work on my painting Friday. Instead, I started cleaning and reorganizing my work room. After going through all those old magazines, it kind of got me in the mood to go through other craft supplies that I haven't used in forever and donate/trash some of them. I don't know if the local thrift shop accepts craft supplies, but I'm going to be making a trip there tomorrow with a bunch of clothes, housewares and other things. I guess spring cleaning fever has hit me early this year. But to show you that I actually can paint, here are some portraits I did several years ago. I really wanted to paint all the time like I'm sewing all the time now. I'm glad I'm interested in it again, but I keep jumping back and forth between sewing and painting and end up in front of my sewing machine most of the time.

I met my friend, Alyce, for a movie yesterday and then went to JoAnn's - such a dangerous place. I bought some fabric and the book, Pretty Little Potholders, and can't wait to get started on some. While I was there, I applied for a p/t job; they're hiring! I think it would be a fun place to work. I used to work at Michael's p/t years ago, in addition to my f/t job. I really liked working there except for the late hours during the holidays. Of course, I probably won't bring much money home, but at least I could pay for my habit! I hope they call me soon.

Have a great Sunday, everybody. I'm so glad to be back on line!!!