Monday, November 15, 2010

A Charming Play House!

Hi everybody,

Just before my camera batteries died, I took a few pictures of the garden shed Gail built inside her store. She's turned it into the cutest looking Christmas space that makes me just want to move right in and stay. She missed her calling as an architect to be sure. When I make something, I usually just start nailing and screwing without measuring. Not Gail. She measures everything precisely and it always pays off.

Just look at what she built all by herself using nothing but old shutters, doors and windows. The only part she had her husband build was the tin roof.

She even created a little faux fireplace inside under the mantel, but that's when my batteries died. I'll be working there tomorrow and take a few more pics to share with you.

I heard from one of the interviews I've had recently and didn't get that one, but still waiting on another one. I'm supposed to hear either way by this Friday. I felt very positive over the weekend, but not so much now. I know things will work out eventually, and I hope I have a brain left by the time it does! I feel like I'm getting dumber every day!