Friday, July 13, 2012


Oh I'm so happy the weekend is here!  Not that this week has been difficult, but I'm excited because the weather will be NORMAL!

It's been too hot and dry for too long.  This week we've had rain almost every day and what a difference it has made in my attitude.  I feel good again and actually interested in doing something.  Not to mention I have a little more time now that I don't have to stand with a hose and sprinkler in my hands filling up birdbaths, buckets and bowls!

After I do some major mowing (the weeds are knee high now), I am planning to get back to some fun things in life.  My sewing machine has been calling me and I'm beginning to think about what I'm going to make for my friends and family for Christmas.

Last weekend my #1 daughter, son-in-law and #2 granddaughter paid a quick visit.  It was so nice to have them, even for only 24 hours. I managed to cook a nice dinner for them and breakfast the next morning.  Even when it's hot, people gotta' eat!  Here are some random photos from the weekend.

Little girls dressed up like Princesses

 Crazy cat, Smudge trying to get into a tiny box

Silly granddog, Daisy, stuck under the couch

All the "kids" in the back seat headed for home.

I hear there's a blog party this weekend - where bloggers create.  I might have to visit some of them to get inspired!  I hope you all have a great weekend!