Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Actually Got To Sew Today!

After spending three hours painting a huge piece of furniture in Gail's new shop, Alissa and I came home. Alissa worked too, pricing new merchadise with the pricing gun. She wanted to watch "Bolt" (an adorable movie) and I got to sew! I was sooooo happy. First I made Alissa a cute little dress out of some shirred fabric I got from JoAnns a couple of weeks ago. She wanted a dress that "went to the ground" with no sleeves. Well, this little dress wasn't long enough so I added several inches of bleached muslin and sewed cute coordinating ribbon I already had over the seam. I attached ribbon so that it could be tied over each shoulder or behind her neck - either way. She hasn't taken it off since I tried it on her this afternoon. (Note dingbat Zoe "dancing" just as I snapped the picture).
Then I was determined to work on my living room valance and got that put together. Yes, there are tools in the window sill; I was very anxious to get a picture to post. I haven't made anything in weeks!

I still have a small table sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor ready to be antiqued and it will be finished. And I have to make my new plate rail, paint the coffee table and the antique milking stool. Then I just have to rearrange the nick nacks and I'll be finished. Of course, it might be Halloween by then....