Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Weekend

Yipee - it's Friday and I have this weekend off! I still work at Gail's shop on Monday but it feels great to have the weekend off.

There are so many projects I want to work on outside now that it's a little cooler. I finally bought supplies to build a cage for Coco - the young dove. I read that unless you have mated pairs, they can't be housed together, so it will be a large cage and not an aviary after all.

And I'm in the autumn mood so much that I want to make some wood cut out sunflowers to go with the pumpkins I made last fall. Plus, all I've been thinking about this week is painting some little pumpkin scenes. So many things to do...I get so energized after the heat of summer starts leaving.

You remember how I've been trying to keep the weeds at bay in my front yard? Well, I've neglected the back yard, which is much smaller. The wild morning glories have covered the fence and some plants. Here is my beauty berry bush, which is so heavy with berries that it's weighted down to the ground.

Being covered with morning glory doesn't help...

Here's a picture of my "hummbrella". My patio umbrella was broken in a storm last summer so I removed the fabric and wired the broken spines together so that my hummingbird (cypress) vine could cover it. This is several vines; I didn't pull the seedlings as they came up and just let them run rampant. They've covered the entire bed and fence. If you plant just one, it's more tame looking but will still get quite large.

I hope you all enjoy a nice weekend and get to do something fun! I'm off to clean my friend's house and then home to start having some fun of my own.