Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Animal Games

This is one of JoJo's favorite things to do - chase the cursor when I'm on the computer. Here he's watching it move around a little. He's so goofy!

Then he decided he'd rather watch me :)

Now the favorite game of Hansel and Gretel (both boys, btw) is to see how mucky they can make their water. This container is supposed to be for the chickens to drink from....look what the geese do to it every day! There is about an inch of mud at the bottom. They love to get rocks and sticks and put them in the water too! And boy does it stink when I pour it out!!!

And this is what they do to their pool. Notice the pink heart? It's part of a toy I bought for them last summer, which they destroyed. There are always some pretty big rocks dropped in here too.

Their other favorite game is terrorizing my poor chickens.

Crazy critters - the lot of them!