Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Patio Improvements

Today has been another super hot day here in central NC; tomorrow is supposed to be worse. It's very scary that it's so hot and with no rain, everything living is suffering.

I've taken care of the animals and watered my containers, determined not to stay outside till dark tonight. I visited a new blog today (more on that later)and have been even more inspired to start painting again. I'm tired of spending all my time trying to keep the plants alive against so many competitors, but I'm straying from the subject.

Here are a few pictures of my patio I snapped this evening. Things aren't in the best shape due to weather and water, but I am enjoying this space. This first picture is the new grouping I created using what I had and adding one new pot that I got in trade for labor. The tall, thin pot in the center is my new one.

Left side of patio...

Right side of patio...I'm having to fill that hummer feeder every five days due to the dryness around here.

The fairy planter Alissa and I made last year - it's gotten a little out of control and the fairies get lost in there now!

I went back to Big Bloomers (Gail's nursery) Sunday and purchased a hanging basket and a few more plants to make a large container garden.

A beautiful double impatiens from Gail's nursery...

Here is my loyal Princess. Check out those pretty teeth she just had cleaned last week to the tune of $320 (not including pre-op bloodwork). I'm just glad I can take care of her the way she deserves.

In retrospect, I wish I hadn't tried to create so many large gardens 10 years ago. I should have let most of the land go wild and just created a small front and back yard. But...hind sight is 20-20! And I was 10 years younger then with a lot more energy and dreams of having even more animals than I do now! Crazy...