Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Short But Sweet - Part 1

I haven't seen my dearest friend in at least three years. My previous car had so many issues that I was afraid to drive very far away. But now that I have a safe and solid car, I took a little road trip to see her.

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is where I lived when my daughters were born. I never wanted to leave but was married and my then husband took a job in another state. He just about literally dragged me away. Hartley has remained my friend for about 35 years now.

To get to the Eastern Shore, I drove through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel - an engineering marvel. It's 20 miles long and spans the lower Chesapeake Bay. It has two tunnels that run under the bay to allow tankers and big ships to enter the bay from the ocean. Here's an aerial shot I got from the web. It's really quite amazing!.
Here is another shot from the web that shows a tanker crossing one of the tunnels. Just think - there are lots of cars driving underneath it!
Here I go onto the bridge...
There are always tankers entering or leaving the bay.
I get the heebie-jeebies when I enter the tunnels and try not to think about where I actually am driving and just try to hurry along with the traffic, happy to get out at the other end.
I did this twice but I didn't take pictures of the second tunnel.
Hello Eastern Shore!
I drove Friday and spent Saturday with her - then drove back home Sunday. A short but sweet trip.