Thursday, January 15, 2009

Atlanta Market Part II

Hey everybody,

As promised, I'm sharing more pictures I took at the Market in Atlanta last weekend. I was most attracted to the displays that included garden related items. And since I went with a nursery owner, that's what I got to see a lot of! We both liked a lot of the same things and I just snapped away with my camera as soon as I was given permission.

I saw a lot of glass cloches, and all sizes of wood ladders used for displaying things on. Years ago I made a cute table out of a small wood ladder and put a round glass top on it. I still enjoy it and that's probably why I was so interested in how bigger ladders were used.

Enough gab....enjoy these pictures. I hope they remind you that even though it's bitter cold in most of the nation, spring isn't far away! Have a great day!