Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stripping for the First Time!

It is horribly hot here and I've been staying inside when I'm not at Lowes. I've been pouring through my quilt magazines and patterns trying to find one that I wanted to work on. I still take my embroidery to Lowes with me, but want to get back to my sewing machine.

I've been wanting to make an easy quilt for a while now, but just couldn't decide on a pattern. While my mom and sister were here, we went to Thimble Pleasures Quilt Shop and there was a sweet Christmas quilt on display that one of the gals had designed; this is her site.

I bought the pattern she had used called Lightning Fast, and a small stack of pre cut fabric which was just enough to make the blocks with (not Christmas fabric though). Here they are sewn into the first set of strips....

This is the first set of strips pieced together....

I think it's going to turn out really pretty. I don't have any border fabric yet, but maybe tomorrow I'll go out and buy some - it won't take very much for this small quilt.

And who do I see in my computer/craft room window????? It looks like JoJo is inside the house...but I thought he was an outside mouser kitty!

And what's this?!? Now he's on my keyboard tray!

Doesn't he look full of mischief!
He's a good little kitty and I'm letting him stay in the house with me when I'm home but he is sleeping in the garage at night. Hopefully, he'll learn how to take care of the mouse problem out there.

Wendy doesn't like him at all and isn't nice to him. She takes a long time to adjust to new situations, so hopefully she'll be ok in the garage with him when he's bigger.

I hope you all are staying cool - it's an impossibility here!