Friday, June 11, 2010

I Can't Stop!

Gardening, that is. I've been a gardener since I was to plant and tend to my gardens. I've certainly created a monster here, but it is so pretty. The plants will all be fried in a few weeks due to the heat of summer, but I'm sure enjoying the fruits of my labor these days.

I've been using Liquid Fence to keep the deer off my hydrangeas and daylillies and it seems to be working really well, with a few exceptions. A lot of my daylillies have had their buds nipped off, so I won't be seeing them bloom this year.

And darned if they didn't eat two of my tomato plants! Last year, I only got two little tomatoes from four plants!

I've been steadily working on my All Dressed Up quilt blocks. I'm able to get one block appliqued each lunch/dinner break. I can't stand just sitting listening to other employees talk trash. At least this way, I feel like I'm using my time being productive with something I enjoy. It feeds my soul.

I've also started the thank you gift for my wonderful vet; this is as far as I've gotten. I cut the blue banner a tiny bit too short and will patch it up tonight or tomorrow. Then the hard part begins - making the lion's head.

I cleaned out my nasty garage while I was off and uncovered a little fountain I bought years ago. I thought the pump had died, but low and behold, it still works so I hooked it up and am now enjoing it on my front porch. I love the sound of trickling water.

I don't know why my words are squished against the pictures; everything is spaced correctly in my post. Oh well!

Standing on my feet in one spot for hours on end is already starting to bother my lower back. I bought some new (and better quality) tennis shoes with more support to try to help my feet more too. They work us crazy hours. I worked eight days in a row and then off for a couple. Now back today and I don't know what my schedule is for the coming days, but will find out soon enough. It's hard on the poor dogs when I'm gone from 1 - 11 p.m. but they are going to have to deal, just like me.

Gotta run...lots to do before heading to Lowes!