Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Car and Another Bird Encounter!

I have my little car back - yay! Thanks for all your support :)

My car had to spend the night at the Honda place, so my great neighbors drove me to work yesterday (35 miles away). My car was repaird and a nice guy where I'm working drove me all the way to the dealership so I could pick it up. The bill for this, including the towing, was $460. Not bad in itself but added to all the others in the last couple of weeks I'm in for just under $2,000. It hurts but it was all necessary. With the exception of this latest thing, it all falls under maintenance. My little car has over 231,000 miles on it and serves me well, so I'll continue to take good care of it till the time comes to get another one.

Now - I've had another strange and exciting bird encounter! While I was home Thursday and sitting here at the computer, I was watching all the birds fluttering around at one of my bird feeders when something caught my eye. There was a bird with a white head! What in the world?? I've never seen a bird with those markings so carefully went to the window to get a better look.

When trying to identify a bird, you should make note of the shape and size of their beak, notice about the size they are, and look for distinguishing markings like streaks on their breast or wing bands. Well, I'm almost certain this little guy is a partially albino Junco! The picture is very poor and I apologize for that, but he's the white spot in the center of the picture. For my own records, I wish I had a better one; maybe I'll get another chance. More and more I'm regretting selling my Nikon camera years ago.

It always makes me so happy to know that I am observant enough to have these neat experiences with nature.

And while I'm on the subject of birds, the pair of pigeons that was hanging around at Gail's shop for so long are gone. The one I had caught and released must have rested up and went back on his journey of finding his way home. The solid white one was still there every day till last week when we had those hard rains. I suspect she fell prey to something. If she was on the same journey as the spotted one, I think she would have left with him. This is all conjecture on my part though; who knows what really happened to them.

It's late; I've got to get to Gail's so I can clean her house. I hope you have a good day and are doing something fun!