Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eggs for Sale

I have several pets and a source of entertainment. If you've never kept chickens, you're missing some opportunities for good laughs. They actually aren't stupid, like they've been made out to be. And they actually do have individual personalities.

Anyway, a couple of my hens lay the most gorgeous eggs. They are blueish/green and I have the hardest time using them because I hate to crack them. About three years ago I decided to blow some of them out and paint on them. Many years ago I bought a beautiful tiny egg that had a rose painted on it and that's where I got the idea. Now, I about blow my brains out every time I do this, so don't have as many empty eggs as I'd like. Before I painted them, I speckled them with a little watered-down umber. When I sold these in a shop a while back, I wanted the presentation to be really special. I bought those small white gift boxes from Michaels and had a border stamp that fit perfectly on the lid. Then I stamped a feather inside the lid and made a nest for the egg with green spanish moss. I punched some holes around the box top and wove some rafia through them and tied a bow in the front. I was very pleased with the way they turned out and sold every one of them. I've decided to make more this spring and have a few finished to show you. I listed them on Etsy with hopes of selling something :) Now I know when you click on the pictures and they're magnified, the egg color doesn't show up and all my brush strokes look horrible, but when seeing them in real life, they are pretty - if I say so myself.

If I could just figure out an easier way to get the egg out of the shell....

Happy Wednesday; I'm off to do more painting in the shop!