Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stormy Skies

Yesterday's weather was so rocky and I took a few pictures on my way home from work.

When I left work, I ran into a very hard rain storm, which isn't anything unusual. But...when I turned onto a small highway where it was still storming, I could see through the trees to the west and there was a bright white sun shining. The contrast was so sharp that I knew there would be a rainbow around somewhere. Sure enough a little further down the highway (it's a small road that winds past several horse farms), there it was - a rainbow. Not only a rainbow, but a double rainbow! The main one was so vibrant, but the pictures don't do it justice.

After heading onto another highway, the skies turned dark again.

Then I could see the clouds breaking up and there was the brightest silver lining over a big bunch of them, but I couldn't get a picture because trees blocked the view. By the time I could take pictures, the silver lining was gone but there were still bright highlights.

Another minute and there was a big patch of clear sky with an enormous black sky behind...this was the cold front coming. The clouds are so dense that it actually looks like the mountains off in the distance, but they are a couple hours to the west of me (sigh).

On to another road over a lake and and there were the prettiest orange/pink clouds...again they don't really show up but it was so pretty. I love crossing this lake every day and looking across it.

So the cold front moved in and we had a hard frost last night. I'm not complaining, as our weather is fairly mild for most of the winter.

I hope everybody has a nice day today. Tomorrow I leave for trip #2 and have soooooo much to do yet! I'll miss visiting in blog land!