Monday, July 18, 2011


There is an epidemic of voles on my property this year! I've had them before and they caused minimal damage here and there. But this year there must be hundreds of them tunneling around all over the place.

Every day there are new tunnels and I have large areas of dry dirt from where they've eaten the roots of the "grass".

(Image courtesy of Google search)

And they ruined some areas of the flower beds nearly destroying some of the plants. It's so bad, that there are tiny sink holes all over the place. When I water the soil gets wet enough that the deer sink when they do their evening dining.

A woman I know who happens to be a landscaper, recommended that I buy some of these - mole movers. She swears they actually work. I've installed two in the front yard and need a couple more. It will take two weeks before I can see results (according to the info on the box).

Between lack of rain, voles and deer I was just about ready to give up on the garden completely this year. Then I visited my friend Gail a couple of weeks ago and was reinspired. Her patio area is so beautiful; she has lots of container gardens. So that's the way I've decided to go with my small patio. I've rearranged the few containers that I do have and added one new container. I've got the same amount of filtered light as she does so I know I have the right conditions. I'll take pictures tomorrow to show what I've done so far. Nothing big or fancy, but I like it a lot so far.

My limelight hydrangea out front is growing really well. The blossoms are smaller this year but I guess that's from lack of water. So far, so good with surviving the deer. Of course, I've just jinxed myself by saying that.

Alissa and I made a pair of giant flip flops to decorate the entrance to my property. I had a couple of scraps of exterior plywood so cut them out and she painted them. We've decided to make cut outs for each season. We had made pumpkins a few years ago and didn't make any others, but now that she's older she has lots of ideas.

This is week #10 in my new job and I'm finally starting to feel like I belong there. It's nice to be able to start moving ahead with projects and needs that have been on hold for over two years. Of course, most of my checks are going to the vets for one animal or another, but that's another story...

I hope you all have a great day tomorrow and survive this horrible heat that most of the country is suffering with!