Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Baaaaccckkkk & a Give Away!

Hi all,

I'm home from my visit with my two oldest mean my two friends that I've known the longest...

Anyway, it was a quick trip but great to be with my buddies, Hartley and Karen, who live on the Eastern Shore of VA. One day I'll be moving back and will stir up lots of trouble between them and their hubbies...but that will be a long way off, so they are safe for now (hee hee).

I took a couple of pictures as I reached the edge of the shore. I love the little wildlife area just as you get to the end of the Bay Bridge Tunnel. This shot is of Fisherman's Island; it's so natural there. I couldn't stop to take a better picture but just beyond the water's edge, the marsh begins and it's so pretty.

I also got a great picture of Hartley's new baby, Toby, who is just eight months old. She has done a wonderful job training him to be a calm companion - quite different from the craziness in my household! Isn't he gorgeous?!

And since I'm on an embroidery kick right now, I snapped pictures of a couple of Karen's cuties she has so that I can make my own eventually. (sorry for the flash)

Please visit Dianne Knott's blog - she's giving away a beautiful cross stitch of a Chickadee - one of my very favorite little birds! I hope I win! :)

I have lots more to tell you but that's it for the moment. I've got some baby items I'm finishing for my daughter's shower this weekend (before I leave on another trip). Really, I'm not a traveler but January has just turned out this way. I'm a major stay-at-homer!! (grin). I can't wait for next week so I can settle into my own routine again...there are so many irons in the fire right now!