Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Dove #1 Arrived!

I'm so excited! Here I am on the computer paying bills when I hear lots of fluttering in the next room. I new right away one of the cats was terrifying the doves so ran in to chase the culprit out. Then I saw this and thought - oh no, Sarah pecked one of the eggs and threw it out of the nest; she only wants one baby!
Then I thought - wait a minute...check the nest to be sure. Look! Momma is being very protective. Don't worry Sarah, I wouldn't hurt your baby.
Here is proud daddy (Alex) being introduced to baby #1. One minute later, Alex is sitting on the nest giving Sarah a break. How sweet!

Baby doves are quite ugly but in two weeks, this one will be as gorgeous as it's parents! Geez - now what do I do????