Monday, April 13, 2009

Painting In My Sleep!

I sure didn't mean to let so many days go by before posting. I wanted to leave the Prevent Animal Cruelty up for a while because it was so important, but I really meant to post over the weekend.

I've been painting like crazy at Gail's new shop and it has overflowed into my house. If it doesn't move, it's getting painted!

One of my goals while out of work is to give my living room a make over and I finally got started. Since my sewing machine is in the shop, it forced me to get going on something else. My living room is nice enough but it turned out a little too colonial with a touch of formal. And anybody who knows me, knows there isn't a formal bone in my body. I had painted it a nice gold color and stenciled around the crown molding. I intented it to look like vines from the woods and it really looked very country. Don't get me wrong, I love country and have several nice primitive antiques that I wouldn't part with for anything. My prized blanket chest from the 1800's:

Gail is using mostly off white in her new shop and I guess it rubbed off on me. I love color but have been inspired to make my living room monochromatic. I've painted the walls a warm tan and will be painting my floor a very pale tan. (I ripped up the carpet last year in preparation for laying laminate which ain't gonna happen now.)

I've spray painted a cheap brass fixture with an off white and the same for a dark mahogany candlestick lamp. All the trim in my house is bright white but I went over all the woodwork too and it's so clean now. You can only wash it with bleach so many times...

Anyway, here are a few "before" pictures. I won't be able to post the "after" pictures till day after tomorrow. I've got to finish the floor and let it dry before moving all the furniture back in. My ex-husband built the beautiful hutch; he was quite talented with woodworking.

I had already started taking things off the walls when I snapped this one. Note the lovely blue towel on the chair to keep the cats from scratching (it doesn't work).

Oh, and the baby doves are about 3/4 grown now and will be full size in another couple of weeks. Sarah and Alex are still having to feed them some but they are eating on their own for the most part. I'll take some more pictures of them soon. I've got to get their aviary built real soon!

I'm tired and going to take a shower and relax a little. Tomorrow I'll be painting the last room in Gail's new shop and then the really fun stuff can begin - decorating! She opens in two weeks and there is SO much left to do.