Tuesday, March 3, 2009

T Is For...Tea!

Tea and everything that goes with it seems to be super popular right now. I've always liked the sound of having or attending a tea party. I have a small collection of tea pots, which I love. A couple of them belonged to my grandmother, but most were given to me over the years as gifts.

My beautiful tea set by Princess House purchased many years ago:

These prints hang to the left of the tea pot collection:

I bought this tea cup wall hanging pattern at a quilt show in Raleigh several years ago (still haven't made it!):

And a gorgeous panel of fabric I just purchased last week - still trying to decide what to turn it into:

This is the tea wallet I made for my oldest daughter a couple of weeks ago - she loved it:

I uncovered some beautiful tissue paper I bought at least 15 years ago and forgot that I even had. I'm going to have to think of a couple of perfect projects to use it to it's best advantage.....suggestions?

I made good progress yesterday on my two selected projects and will be able to post pictures of them by tomorrow. Today I'm taking a little road trip to JoAnns to buy things to finish those Appalachian Project quilts and meet a friend for lunch. I'm so excited - I've been in the house since last Friday!!

Have a great day everybody!