Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cleaning Up Already

I hope everybody had a nice holiday with their family and friends.

I don't usually take down my Christmas decorations this early, but I'll be on the road for the next two weekends and don't want to wait for three weeks to clean the house (more about that in later posts). Today I'm going to finish cleaning my house and getting ready for my house sitter - you know, wash sheets, stock the pantry, and get things in order for all my critters to make it easier for her.

It's so hard for me to go away and I rarely do. I'm fortunate to have some friends and neighbors who are willing to help take care of my menagerie! I don't think I've mentioned that in addition to my three dogs, three indoor kitties and two doves, that I have 13 chickens and two geese. The barn has to be secured every evening and there are only a couple of people who are willing to do that.

Anyway - on to cleaning. Good thing I've always loved to clean!

Best wishes for a happy day!