Friday, October 16, 2009

Bloggie Friends Are So Nice!

Recently, there was a virtual quilt show in blogland. I didn't get to visit all the participants but stopped clicking and froze when I came across Rose Marie's entry. It is absolutely drop dead gorgeous! I love leaves and bright colors and she incorporated both in this beauty.

I left Rose Marie a comment on how pretty it was and she wrote me back. I then asked her who the designer was and where she got the pattern so I could buy one for myself. Well, turns out she got the pattern from an old 2002 magazine. She looked for it but said she must have tossed it out ages ago. Disappointed, I started studying her quilt thinking I could figure out the design myself. When I wrote her again asking the size of the blocks, she told me that she looked again and found the old magazine with the pattern! And even better, she's making a copy and mailing it to me. How sweet is that???

Thank you so much, Rose Marie! I can't wait to start on this after the holidays are over with. I'll post my progress when I get going on it.

Yes, bloggie friends are really nice!