Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meet Jo Jo

Just what I need - another critter!

One of my neighbors called me last Friday and said a kitten had appeared on her property. She had heard that I wanted a mouser kitty and wondered if I could give it a home. I thought about it for a while and then told her I'd come over the next day if she could keep it till then.

Meet Jo Jo weighing in at about 2 pounds! He is like a miniature version of my black male cat, Topaz and is as loving as a cat can be! He went to the vet yesterday, along with Princess, for his first visit and was deemed healthy - just underweight. He has a very long tail and legs and big bat ears! He never stops purring and my vet loved him. She couldn't hear his heartbeat b/c he wouldn't stop purring so much. :)

Fortunately, the neighbor that found the kitten said she'd help with the vet bill if I'd take him so how could I say no?? Once he grows a little, I'll be moving Miss Wendy back outside to keep him company. I had originally gotten her for mouse control but after her brothers disappeared, I moved her inside. I felt bad that she was outside alone.

Wonder how long I can let him live outside? ;)